Best Minecraft Prison Servers of 2022

by Maisie

From the main menu, you can choose to play as a certain type of player.

For example, if you want to be a mean and ruthless jailer who will not hesitate to use any kind of violence to get what he wants, you can choose the “violent” option. But be careful: don’t go too far or they will probably retaliate.

On the other hand, if you wish to be… a little more gentle? You can change your theme from “neutral” to “garden” as soon as you have enough money in your pocket.

The more money you have, the better your chances are of being chosen for management and leadership roles in this prison.

Crafting a Minecraft Prison Server Strategy

Minecraft Prison Servers is a fantastically popular game, but as many of you know, there are some serious problems with the game. One of the biggest problems is cheaters – people who just want to ruin the good reputation that Minecraft has built up over the years. There are lots of complaints on the official Mojang forum about cheaters and griefers, and even though this is an older game (it was released in 2011), it’s still pretty common for players to use unfair methods to get ahead or get ahead in a PvP server.

Trying to find help is often frustrating, as Mojang has no official support forum for Minecraft servers. There are a few other groups that do exist, but they aren’t always reliable or clear about what they offer – like Mojang’s support forum.

It can be difficult to identify if someone is cheating or not, because they can look slightly different from other players’ accounts. Even if you have been playing on your own server for many hours and don’t notice anything amiss, it’s probably best not to go out of your way to check people’s PCID’s every time you log in. Besides, they can change while you play so it’s hard to make sure someone isn’t playing unfairly once you stop watching them.

How to Create the Perfect Minecraft Prison Server Post

This is the third post in a series about creating an online game using the Minecraft game engine. This one focuses on creating a Prison Minecraft Server for the game.

This post, by the way, was developed in response to an audience question, “What is the best prison server for Minecraft?” This question made me think that maybe I could create some kind of Minecraft jail server, based on what I see as some of my favorite features of other jail servers. I have also seen suggestions for jail servers built on this theme elsewhere (e.g., here).

The basic idea here is to host a Minecraft smp server that is simply and completely intended to be used by players who wish to serve time in the prison system (or any other system). The purpose of this server is to provide an immersive experience that is both educational and fun. You are not just playing a game when you play this platform; you are acting out your part in a drama with other players who have their own stories to tell. At least, it’s supposed to be like that!

That said, there are many ways to go about doing this: you can host your own version of “The Hunger Games” or “Lord of the Flies”, or even something more interesting like “Lord of Clouds”. The point here is not necessarily about how you should do it; it’s really just about the ideas behind it and how you want to use them.

Optimizing a Minecraft Post

Get to the end of this post as quickly as possible.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just can’t win? What do you do then? Does it make sense to try and get out of the situation before it gets even worse or is it best to just let things go and see what happens next? Of course, we all want to avoid an unpleasant situation, so let’s take a look at some good ways of handling yourself when that happens.

The first thing that comes to mind is “get out of town”. This is a pretty obvious option, but there are some other situations that should be handled in a similar manner:

  1. Do not contribute anything to the discussion (i.e., don’t add any new information)
  2. Don’t read about the topic. Not only does this keep yourself from learning too much, but by not reading the discussion, you can also avoid being distracted by ideas that may be wrong or irrelevant.
  3. If somebody mentions something that looks bad, don’t give them any more attention (this is basically equivalent to “don’t read about it”).
  4. When someone raises an issue with you, don’t take any action on it until after everyone has weighed in; otherwise, problems may remain unsolved for too long (the same rules apply for fixing things after they happen).
  5. Don’t get involved in conversations with people who are trying to bring up problems unrelated to your solution; instead of just ignoring them or letting them pile on more criticism and complaints until they leave things alone (i.e., leave them alone), respond with “Let me see if I can help — how can I help?” and/or “I have no idea what you are talking about! Please stop talking! I don’t know what your problem is either! Have another chat with me later! Thanks for listening — I appreciate your input!” etc.; preferably all in one sentence rather than multiple paragraphs — this will keep your involvement from becoming distracting and will keep your focus on solving people’s problems instead of theirs on yours).

Measuring Your Strategy’s Success

A successful business is one in which its key drivers are profitable. The success of a business is largely dependent on the ability to generate a return on investment, or ROI.

A key driver of ROI is the creation of value. Value is simply money — but it can also encompass additional features and benefits that are associated with a given product or service.

In other words, if you have a successful business, it will not only bring in significant revenue through sales, but also provide significant value through features and benefits that are provided to customers as well as those new to your business.

A case study from the world of manufacturing shows how important this concept is to managers:

“The idea behind this methodology is you take a company that has no value whatsoever, and then you make it valuable.” – Steven Milunovich “Do you have any examples of companies where that hasn’t worked?” – [manager] “No…I’ve never seen one like …that has worked.” – Steven Milunovich [manager] “Well, we’ve got some examples…” – Steven Milunovich “How many examples do you want? I’m gonna give ya two hundred.” – Steven Milunovich “Two hundred! What about those guys? How’d they do?” – [manager] “Oh my gosh, they made twenty-five million dollars last year!” – Steven Milunovich

There’s an important distinction here between improving existing products and creating new ones. Generally speaking, getting better at what you already do (fixing bugs) will improve your ability to generate revenues (make more money) while creating new products should be viewed as an opportunity for innovation: changing the way customers interact with your product/service altogether (think virtual reality).


The first thing to do before you launch is to get a feel for what types of players you have. Get your users to sign up and give them some feedback about their experience. What are the most common problems that they are having? Is there a lot of competition or is the server slow? How much bandwidth does it take up?

Once you have this information, you can better understand what kind of regular players you want and then decide on a game type, like a racing game or a strategy game.

If you are launching a jousting game then look for one with lots of knights and heavy armor, so that your server can host high numbers of players who will be able to finish in first place. If you want to make an RPG-style multiplayer game then think hard about which features will be important for different kinds of players (such as those who want to roleplay as an elf, thief or scholar).

Finally, if possible, take some time on your launch day to promote your new service with giveaways and contests — this way, even if people don’t come back after the first few days, at least they will be coming back for more!

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