Benefits Of European Baby Formulas

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When buying baby formula, look for European-made products that are free of harmful additives and are organically produced. Moreover, European milk formulas are usually made from cows that have been raised on Biodynamic farms. The formula also contains probiotics that help the baby’s digestive system by reducing bad bacteria. Read on to learn more about the benefits of European baby formulas. Listed below are the top three reasons why you should buy European baby formulas for your baby.


The ingredients of European baby formula are much simpler than those in American formula. It is produced using milk from organic and sustainably-run farms and is certified by the European Commission, the equivalent of the FDA in the US. This means there are no detectable residues of pesticides or chemical fertilizers in European formulas. Because of the simplified composition, European formulas are thought to be healthier for infants. However, there are still some questions regarding the composition of the formulas.


While European baby formula is not necessarily safer than U.S. formula, some parents may be concerned that it contains unhealthy ingredients. Because European baby formula is made in stages, the proper formula may not be appropriate for every stage of your child’s development. For example, German formula for infants is not suitable for babies aged six to 12 months because it is low in iron. And because German formula does not tell you how much iron your child should get, you may not know which stage your baby needs. In such a case, your baby could experience nutrient deficiencies or undernutrition.

Nutritional value

There are many differences between American and European baby formulas. The European formulas are made of higher quality milk and butter and contain more DHA than American varieties. In addition, the European formulas require at least 15 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 kcal. However, American babies are not as likely to get the benefits of DHA from European formulas. To determine the nutritional value of a European formula, check the label and ask your pediatrician for recommendations.

Weight gain

If your baby is experiencing low weight gain, you may be wondering if it’s possible to find a formula that will help them get to the desired weight. There are many European brands available on the market, but they are not regulated by the FDA. Your pediatrician can determine whether it’s safe to use on your baby. A few tips to look for when shopping for European baby formula include:


The best way to save money on European baby formula is to buy it from Europe. This way, you can avoid paying a premium for a product that’s not proven to be safe. There are several options for European baby formula. Bottles & Burps offers the best price on organic formula made in Europe. The company carries brands like Lebenswert, HiPP, and Kendamil. The company ships for free from its US warehouse and includes express shipping to Europe. However, international shipping can take up to 30 days, and may incur other delays.

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