Beautiful Tiger Jewelry and The Meanings it Carries

by Maisie

Clothes, hairstyles, and even jewelry can carry a certain meaning. Most people, when choosing their jewelry, try to find a symbol or image that correlates with their personality. When someone is wearing tiger jewelry, it is probably because it represents this person’s traits – actual or the ones they would like to develop in themselves. Want to know what tiger rings, necklaces, and bracelets may signify? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The Meaning of Tiger Jewelry

Tigers are predators. They radiate danger, so bumping into a tiger won’t end up with anything good, unless you’re in a zoo. In their deadly nature, tigers combine beautiful appearance with unbridled strength, charming grace, power, and ferocity. You can convey all these meanings with tiger jewelry.

Respect and admiration for tigers isn’t a local phenomenon. People who have a soft spot for tiger body ornaments live across the globe. In Asia, tiger images are extremely popular. Every fifth guy flaunts a piece of jewelry featuring the large striped feline. Because tigers personify strength and boldness, those who choose tigers for accessorizing strive to seem manlier and more successful. On the other hand, legends widespread on the east depict tigers as protectors. Accordingly, a tiger amulet is a way to ensure protection from evil spirits.

In Buddhism, the tiger is a revered animal and its grin is sacred. Along with the dragon, it constitutes the Yin and Yang symbol. Interestingly, in this interpretation, the tiger personifies the feminine principle. For this reason, tiger jewelry is a good match for men and women alike.

In the Western world, the meaning of the tiger is the same as that of all big cats. They are the lightning-fast danger, beauty that strikes on the spot, royal grace, and belligerence. These qualities are perfect for men who want to emphasize their masculinity. At the same time, tigers are elegant and graceful animals with a soft gait and supple body. Every woman wants to be like a cat – to have a seductive body and smooth movements. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a tiger ring on a woman’s finger. In addition, tigresses are an unrivaled talisman for mothers. A tiger mother is caring and attentive. She surrounds her cubs with care and desperately protects them from the cruel world. If you can say the same about yourself, you won’t go wrong with a tigress ring.

Tigers and Other Symbols in Jewelry

The way a tiger (or tigress) is depicted impacts its particular meaning. Some jewelry puts an emphasis on a tiger’s head, paws, grin, etc. rather than glorifying its images on a whole. Along with that, an additional symbol and image may accompany the tiger, and this fact modifies its significance as well. Here is a brief list of meanings inherent in a vast tiger ring collection.

A tiger head is a symbol of power and passion. In Japanese culture, it becomes a talisman fighting against diseases and bad luck. Besides that, a tiger head ring or pendant is a great way to demonstrate that a guy has a decisive character and he doesn’t tolerate resentment. He bravely stands up for himself and those who are dear to him. At the same time, he acts judiciously and only when there is no way to approach a problem in a peaceful way.

As we have already mentioned, the Tiger and the Dragon are among many representations of the Ying and Yang symbol. It stands for the millennia-old struggle between good and bad, mind and body, black and white, and other concepts of opposite nature. Although they oppose each other, they bring balance to the universe.

Tiger cub jewelry is a great option for ladies. This cute image refers to innocence and love for children. With such a ring, a woman can emphasize the feeling of motherhood and the desire to build a family.

The eye of the tiger in jewelry speaks of intelligence, patience, determination, and concentration. This image is popular among people who steadily move toward their goal and use all their knowledge and skills to reach it.

A tiger paw symbolizes thirst for new discoveries. Along with that, it speaks of leadership qualities. If you work hard to develop them in yourself, you’re going to inspire people and lead the way.

A tiger’s grin is chosen by people who aggressively defend their ideals. They don’t seek compromises, they don’t wish to be loved by everybody. Instead, they protect people and things that mean the world to them. They are ready to fight even if they know they are going to lose.

A tiger wearing a crown is a great image for powerful and authoritarian individuals. They utilize any possible means to achieve their goal and do not afraid to fight anyone who stands in their way. The owner of such jewelry is determined, cold-blooded, purposeful, and obstinate.

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