An insight into different wig options and how they will be helpful to enhance your personality

by Maisie

Wigs are used to enhance the way you appear before everyone’s eyes. There is nothing more prominent on one’s personality than your hair. Moreover, artificial hair, also termed hair wigs, is now being used commonly. Now, it depends on the type of natural hair you have. The adjustment of wigs is according to the size of your head.

There are several kinds and types of wigs. Each hair wig has its’ own benefits and features that make them unique. Therefore, today we will discuss the different kinds of wigs, including their features, in further detail.

What are curly wigs?

Curly wigs are loved by those people who wish to have curly hair. The majority of people who wear curly wigs have straight hair. Not that straight hair is bad, but curly hair can help you achieve a voluminous look. Curly wigs can be worn over any hair type, and they are available in diverse colors.

Features of curly wigs

There are numerous features of curly wigs. Yet, some of the highlighted ones are stated below.

Offers a minimal and subtle look

Curly hair wigs tend to make anyone achieve a sleek yet subtle look. It looks good on everyone who knows how to maintain it.

Perfect for playing around

Unlike other wigs, curly hair wigs are fairly easy to color or dye. You can put on several styling creams, heating products and much more. However, do not put on excessive chemicals as they might damage your curly wigs

Bouncy and fresh curls

A curly wig has a much better, bouncy and fresh set of curls than natural hair. Hence, to become a head-turner at any party or event, you can try on a curly hair wig.

What makes it unique?

  • The following reasons make curly wigs exclusive.
  • You can wash the curly wigs using mild soap and condition them to make them soft.
  • You can easily add curls or loosen curls by using several hair styling products. It will not damage your wig.
  • Great for beginners as it does not need any help from professionals to wear.

A curly hair wig might offer a good volume, but it is very lightweight. You can move around freely without feeling any weight over your head, even for lengthy hours.

What is a wet and wavy wig?

The amazing thing about wet and wavy wig is that it gives an illusion of natural curls. It offers the effect of nature soothes and curls without chemicals. Or the treatments that involve substances that are based on chemicals.

The wet and wavy wig can be styled in several ways, making you look like a total diva. They are made from good and natural material, which is why they have a human-like effect.

What are the features of a wet and wavy wig?

There are several features of the wet and wavy wig. But some of the most highlighting features of the wet and wavy wig are mentioned below.

They appear very natural to the human eye.

If we talk about the main feature of the wet and wavy wig, it would be how it looks. The wet and wavy wig is undeniably natural and easy to wear.

Usually, when people wear wigs, they appear to be very fake or a dupe. That might seem quite obvious and cheap at the same place. Therefore, if you want a luxurious look, opt for a wet and wavy hair wig.

Very easy to maintain and styling

The wet and wavy hair wigs are a good option for styling them. It offers a smooth hair texture that helps in making any hairstyle you want. It has no shedding of hair, prevents tangling, and much more.

Highly durable

One of the most aspiring reasons to choose wet and wavy wig is that it is very long-lasting. The hair from which this wig is manufactured is real human-like. Thus, the duration of this wig is much higher as compared to other average or faux hair wigs.

What makes wet and wavy hair wigs unique?

Several points can tell what makes a wet and wavy wig appear unique. However, some of the major factors that make wet and wavy wigs unique are mentioned below.

  • Swiss lace is present – the type of lace that is used in the wet and wavy wig is Swiss lace. It is easy to wear and makes it breathable.
  • The hairline of this wet and wavy hair wig is pre-plucked.
  • Good lace area – the lace area of this wet and wavy wig is 5 x 5 inches.
  • Easy to hold straps – the wet and wavy hair wig comes with adjustable straps so that it can offer a stable hold.

What are Bob wigs?

Technically, a bob wig is also known as a short wig. They are quite often worn in the courts that belong to the British. But now, it is widely worn among every age of women.

The bob wigs are believed to give off a classic hair vibe. This type of hair wig is usually made for those women who like short hair. It is a completely different and perfect answer for women who have a keen interest in hairstyles that are known as clean-cut.

It is known to offer you the most naturally grown hair look. Bob wigs come in different types of hair. Like, curly, straight, wavy, and more.

What are the features of Bob wigs?

Many features have made bob wigs quite popular among women. Meanwhile, some of the features that have led to a love of bob wigs a lot are mentioned below.

Effective and effortless looks

With the use of Bob wigs, anyone can easily style a look without adding much effort. This main feature enables you to change the hair length in a short time. It helps to brighten up your mood and mind.

Easy to brush

The bob hair wigs are very easy to brush. They have no tangling or shredding technology, unlike natural hair. You can easily brush through the hair strands. You do not have to worry about your hair looking like a mess. Therefore, wearing a bob wig can boost your confidence.

Exclusive quality texture

As mentioned earlier, bob wigs are made from natural human hair. That is why they have a texture similar to human hair. The middle portion of the bob wigs is usually the best and highlighting one as it is very shiny and looks notorious.

Healthy locks

A bob hair wig might be short in length as compared to a long length hair wig. But the condition of hair locks does not get compromised. You will experience healthy locks yet shiny ones when you wear them.

What makes bob wigs unique?

There are countless ways in which a bob wig can prove to be unique among other wigs. Meanwhile, some of the major points that add uniqueness to Bob wigs are mentioned below.

  • Helps with hair problems – the high-quality Bob wigs come with lace. They help to appear as your natural human hair. That, in turn, can boost your self-esteem. Hence, if you have less hair or baldness on the scalp, opt for healthy and voluminous bob wigs.
  • Easy to use styling products – you can use styling creams and tools on this bob wig.
  • Feels soft and light – the bob wigs feel super soft against your scalp and do not feel like you are wearing something over your head.


Hair wigs can add beauty to your overall personality. Therefore, if you suffer from hair loss or you want to add changes to yourself. Then try to expand your options by trying out the mentioned hair wigs.

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