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The latest update to the Flipboard app will allow users to view their photos and videos in a local region. In addition, the new Curator Pro will let you create storyboards and publish them to the Flipboard. This will make it easier to share your pictures and videos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Whether you are creating a video from a photo or drawing a picture, the app will help you get your creative juices flowing and make your content look its best.

Create storyboards

The Flipboard Storyboard feature is one of the most exciting new curation tools from Flipboard. It provides publishers with a unique way to highlight their content. This type of curation is ideal for roundups, digests, and lists of content.

A Storyboard is a collection of articles that has a short introduction and a headline. These items are displayed in a black background, with red brackets around the title. Users can drag the items to rearrange them. During the editing process, users can add images and videos.

Creating a Storyboard is easy. First, you create an account on Flipboard. After you do, you’ll have access to the tool. Once you have it, you can start curating your news.

To begin, you need to select the “Create Storyboard” button. The button will prompt you to enter a main image, title, and description. You’ll also be asked to select up to five tags.

Now that you have a storyboard, you can start sharing it on your social networks. Flipboard has buttons that will allow you to share quickly via Twitter, Facebook, and email. If you have a large image or video, you can choose to show that on the Storyboard, too.

Curator Pro

Curator Pro is the latest in Flipboard’s arsenal of content curation tools. It will help Flipboard creators get the most out of their magazine by offering metrics and analytics. These analytics are designed to give a glimpse into the performance of content.

The new features are part of the company’s attempt to deliver an even more engaging experience for users. According to CEO Mike McCue, the analytics will help curators create better magazines.

In addition to Curator Pro, Flipboard recently rolled out a new suite of editing tools. These tools make it easier for creators to tweak titles and descriptions. Additionally, the tool will allow them to optimize their magazine for search engine optimization.

The new tool also allows users to share stories through Flipboard Magazines, email, and social media. It will also allow the user to embed a Storyboard widget on their website.

In addition to these new features, Flipboard plans to add more features in the near future. These include a food section and an expanded travel section. And as Flipboard expands to more countries, more people will be able to access the platform.

While the new Curator Pro is only available on the web, Flipboard is rolling out the feature to a wider audience. They are working with over 100 publishers to test the new tools.

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