All You Need to Know About Jewellery Layering

by Maisie

Getting the new wave of style properly means mastering the art of layering. Layering will be important in transforming your appearance from casual to sophisticated, whether it’s with your clothing or jewellery. And regardless of the event or the meeting, your cluttered drawer full of outdated, bulky jewellery that you almost always wear will be the key to your outfit.

Tips to Get Your Jewellery Layered the Right Way

We have some advice that will help you if you are unsure if you can understand the whole “layering” thing.

Create A Focus

Why not add a chain with a pendant or a few charm pieces instead of stacking 4–5 basic chains on top of one another? The base chains will work as supportive supporting performers for the big show, giving the outfit a more carefully designed appearance.

We adore jewellery because it highlights our inherent beauty while also showcasing artificial beauty. In order to create fresh, exciting designs, it’s great to mix and match the jewellery we’ve accumulated throughout the years.

One approach to keeping all your favourite jewellery pieces new and enjoyable to wear is to layer them. It’s time to embrace layered jewellery and try creativity in order to discover what styles suit you best.

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Decide On One and Stick to It

Take inspiration from the layered jewellery trend without going overboard with your ensemble.

If you decide to layer your necklaces, layering your bracelets and rings may make your outfit look cluttered. You want your layered masterpiece to stand out among your accessories and be the main attraction.

Too much of anything will make you look sluggish. While layering your necklaces, this doesn’t really imply that you must not wear other types of jewellery. Of course, you can still wear other jewellery.

Being choosy is the secret to donning all the jewellery you desire without spoiling your appearance. Choose a simplistic necklace pendant and one or two rings to pair with a stack of multi-layered bracelets.

Length Matters

Selecting necklaces of varying lengths is the key to properly layering necklaces. This is crucial since pieces that are the same length would gather up on your neck, look thick, and be ugly if you chose them.

Starting with a smaller chain is the fundamental strategy for layering necklaces. Starting with a choker or short chain is an option; it also helps to buy necklaces with customizable lengths.

The second necklace should be a little bit longer than the first. When there is harmony between the lengths, layered necklaces look their finest. One small and one long necklace worn at the same time will appear odd and nearly accidental.

Layers of varying lengths should be reasonably near to one another while still allowing enough room for each necklace to be seen.

Trying Layering Different Metals

There has long been a presumption that either silver or gold jewellery should be worn. You occasionally might use a little rose gold punch to ring the transitions, but you never, ever, ever mingle. Thankfully, opinions and perspectives have changed a bit, and gold and silver jewellery is now considered one of the prettiest combinations.

Tie It All Together

The secret to combining layered jewellery with other pieces is to connect them together with a single theme. If you layer necklaces, for instance, and your statement piece is made of pearls, including some pearls in your other pieces will tie the whole outfit together.

In this manner, you may make the most of your jewellery without having it overpower your look.

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The Key Rule Is To Break The Rules!

Break the rules as you see fit. This is one of favourite style advice of all. Getting dressed up must be enjoyable and reflective of your personality. Who you are and how you would like to come across to others are reflected in your style? It doesn’t seem to be exclusively hippy or exclusively twin sets and diamonds, or even exclusively free flowing.

Go for it if what works for you is trying whatever you like and, breaking typical style tips, and assembling a jumble of the items you want to wear.

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