All the Natural Shades of Travertine

by Maisie

Travertine is the material used to build some of the most emblematic landmarks, left to us by the ancient Roman civilization. This is a  sedimentary stone of partially biogenic origin, formed by calcium carbonate deposits, and offers stability and durability.

It is a material used primarily as a decorative stone in construction, especially on floors and wall cover indoors and outdoors. You will recognize its most classic color – in a light beige and with an inimitable effect of reflection of light and objects. Many people prefer its natural raw look, which adds even more sophistication and aristocracy to the interior. You can check out Saturnia Travertini to see top-quality travertine options for your home decor. 

Characteristics of Travertine

When a material like travertine has been used for so long without losing its aesthetics, that’s not incidental. 

Travertine has a timeless aesthetic and has many interesting physical characteristics related to its stability or porosity.

Travertine is a natural stone with which we can achieve different decorative effects. However, it all depends on the type of cut and the finish it has. The versatility of this stone makes it so attractive and sought after. But there is much more, both aesthetically and technically. 

Eternal Aesthetics

Travertine is a medium-hard rock and it is very durable. When exposed to fire, it does not emit smoke or toxic substances. It has a stable coloring without changing over time. It is resistant to UV radiation. So it maintains its color on the first day.

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Easy Maintenance

It does not need special care or other special cleaning products. With its great characteristics, travertine has become exceptional building material for both interior and the exterior. But it also has a wide range of options in terms of color and finish.

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Although it has become even more popular lately, travertine isn’t a common natural stone like marble. Its structure is porous. Like the earth, this stone has been here for millions of years. Today people try to use new materials and technologies to create artificial materials similar to this natural stone. However, nothing can compare to the real thing. Travertine is your best choice if you want to make your interior chic and unique. It will be timeless and durable, and suitable for any part of your home. 


As a roofing material, it is often used for wall decoration of apartments and buildings. Internal and external. It has different color shades ranging from white to hazelnut. It externally retains all visible properties of natural stone.

Travertine shades reflect different colors. Travertine tiles are unique as they all have unique textures and shades. No tile is identical to another. The stone can come in a very antique-looking finish to add even more sophistication. 

This building material has been designed to cover the walls, in perfect harmony with modern trends in interior design, ranging from classic interiors to modern ones. 

Travertine and Other Finishes 

Travertine can look good in combination with Venetian plaster. But it could have a texture of the material that emphasizes the inner volume and austerity. It is combined with pastel colors mostly. 

This combination is not suitable for all interiors. However, you can use components that would allow you to form different decorative coatings. A professional designer would give you good advice regarding the complexity of combining travertine with other materials and decorative elements. 

Travertine and Wood 

Travertine and wood go well together for any interior decoration. You can use travertine for your wall decor and your flooring, but if you add wooden furniture or wooden elements to it, you’ll see your interior decor complete. There’s no better classic natural combination than stone and wood. 

Classic Travertine 

The color range of travertine covers both soft and delicate tones, including more intense and powerful. 

The Classic travertine is the most popular travertine. With this gorgeous stone were built some of the most popular monuments in the ancient civilization of Rome. You may recognize it by its light beige shading, similar to the Roman monuments.

As decorative cladding, natural travertine has long been used for centuries in Italy. Remember the ancient Roman amphitheater, Colosseum, or St. Peter’s Basilica. Nowadays, along with such noble materials as marble and onyx (a mineral with plain parallel layers), travertine is the most popular decorative material, which has won the hearts of many lovers of cold interiors with cozy walls.

To Sum It Up 

Choosing travertine for your home is a sign of sophistication. You can never go wrong with this beautiful natural finish in your home, no matter what you choose to use it for. You can decorate your interior or exterior facade with it. It is durable and timeless. You can rest assured that it won’t change its color over time and will suit your home for decades to come. You can check out Saturnia Travertini for a wide range of travertine tiles for your interior or exterior. 

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