A Few Good Reasons from a Trusted Canadian Online Pharmacy!

by Maisie

You probably had been seeing a lot of recommendations to shop online with a trusted Canadian pharmacy such as the PricePro Pharmacy. But, without a contextual and tangible reason for this strategy, you may be disregarding it as just another fly-by-night idea pioneered by a modern business. This isn’t the case, however, and I am going to illustrate exactly why shopping with an online trusted and certified pharmacy like the PricePro Pharmacy is a brilliant idea.

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the, that being that the American healthcare system is positively atrocious. This isn’t a political statement, pretty much everyone regardless of political view agrees that our healthcare system is horrible, the only ones rising to defendant being those turning a significant profit through big Pharma. Everybody wants something similar to what Canada, the EU or other first world countries have, but it isn’t that easy to implement here, due to a combination of various interests, cultural sensibilities and an archaic and absurd state-level sovereignty that probably shouldn’t exist. With a stronger federal government, we could easily implement something like this, but instilling a stronger federal government is just as challenging in and of itself. I won’t pretend to have the answer to this, and I won’t express my own opinions on this for obvious reasons, but it is what it is.

Canada, conversely, has a socialized healthcare system due to the homogeneity of the country on a cultural level. This doesn’t mean, however, that health care and medications are free there, only that taxation offsets the cost rather than out-of-pocket expense. As a result, if you shop through a Canadian pharmacy, you can get those artificially low shelf prices without the tax man coming to call since you don’t pay taxes in Canada as an American citizen.

However, while this is the biggest and most important reduction to price, shopping with something like the PricePro Pharmacy has other benefits. Shopping online in general is going to always be cheaper due to the elimination of brick-and-mortar overhead such as facilities, staff, insurance, utilities and much more. They can also, due to the pure profit earned after the absence of this overhead, provide coupons and discounts as well as possibly waving shipping and import fees as a customer incentive in competitive measure that brick-and-mortar places just can’t do.

Finally, with a smarter and more dynamic shopping interface, they can recommend generic alternatives in other ways to save money, due to the computational nature of online shopping. This all combined together can result in upwards of 60% savings on some medications. It is completely on the up and up, as it is legal to shop across borders with any country with which we have trade agreements, provided the medication is FDA-approved, legal for use and you have the appropriate prescription documentation where needed. Of course, big pharmaceutical companies in the United States will try to discourage you, because who doesn’t try to discourage people from shopping with their competition, but the Canadian government and Canadian pharmaceutical companies happily encourage this international trade even if they aren’t getting the tax-subsidized additional profitability!

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