9 Websites where you can download free Ebooks

by Maisie

Books have been an integral part of human civilization for thousands of years. For many people, the idea that you can obtain a book for free is difficult to grasp. In today’s digital age, it isn’t all that unusual to find free ebooks available on the Internet, and in some cases, they may even be better than their printed counterparts. With the increased popularity and accessibility of the Internet, many websites now offer books.

Here’s our list of sites where you can find free ebooks:

1.  Project Gutenberg –

Initially founded in 1971 by Michael Hart to provide the general public with easy access to out-of-copyright book titles, Project Gutenberg has grown into a treasure chest for any reader who loves classic works from authors such as Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe. And unlike commercial bookstores, which allow customers to download a sample chapter before buying a book, the entire text is readily available for viewing online.

Books on this site are available in various formats, such as Adobe PDF, ePUB, and Mobipocket. New titles are added regularly, but it can be a little time-consuming to scroll through them all due to the sheer quantity of public works. RARBG mirror also can be a great option to get free ebooks. It is a popular torrent site that hosts numerous files, ebooks, and a lot of software.

   2. Open Library –

This public domain site aims to end expensive library copies of books that are hard to find or don’t suit your needs. You can search a wide range of free books from authors such as Charles Dickens and Jules Verne or browse through popular classics such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

If you find a book title you like, you can click on the ‘Read Free’ button next to it and start reading in your browser. If you click on the book cover, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download it in multiple formats.


ManyBooks.net An extensive collection of public domain books. This site is similar to Project Gutenberg but has a broader range of works (including books in German and Russian). As with its inspiration, once you’ve found a title that interests you go ahead and download it to your computer or electronic device.

Simply click on the book cover and follow the prompts in your preferred browser to do this.

  4. LibGen –

If you’re looking for a specific work of literature and you can’t find it on Project Gutenberg, ManyBooks, or Open Library, try searching on LibGen. That’s because this site is specifically designed to offer free access to public domain texts from many different books and authors.

LibGen requires that you sign up for an account first (it’s free). Once you’re logged in, simply search for your favorite books, and you’ll see all titles listed with information about how to download them.

  5. Books to Go –

This commercial site holds several hundred thousand titles, with many publisher imprints, including Grove Press and Penguin. If you’re looking for a specific title, ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ you can search the database by author or book title and view these titles directly on the site.

If what you’re looking for doesn’t turn up in a book, you can also download an epub or PDF version of your choice.

  6. Classic Reader –

This is an excellent site for reading classic books from your phone or tablet. You can download classic works in HTML or TXT format and then read them on your mobile device as you would with any other ebook app.

You can also access the site via your computer by visiting booksonline.org and selecting ‘Read Classic Books’ in the left navigation menu.

   7. BookRix –

This site offers free ebooks of all genres, focusing on classics, classic novels, and fairy tales. You can search through a library of over 40,000 titles or browse to find works you like by authors like Jules Verne, Jane Austen, and Edith Wharton.

To download your favorite book title, just click on the book cover to bring up the reading screen from where you can download it in HTML format for use on your device or computer.

8. MobileRead –

This site is a massive resource for ebooks, with over 100 forums devoted to a range of issues relating to the use of e-readers and devices. You’ll also find detailed reviews of various devices, features, and book titles.

Being a forum-based site, you’ll need to register before accessing many of the books listed. But it’s an excellent resource for finding out more about ebooks on your preferred device or any other queries relating to the use of reading material on mobile devices like Kindles and iPads.

     9. Free Computer Books –

As the name suggests, this site is specifically designed to offer free computer-related books. These include titles that cover computer programming, databases, and programming.

There are specific sections for each category, with various books listed by authors. In the case of ‘Programming,’ there are over 2,200 titles available to download.

Conclusion: These are just a few of the sites available online, but we hope they will help you find the books you’re after and make your reading experience more enjoyable.

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