7 Ways to Make Your Loved Ones Emotionally Better

by Maisie

How would you describe your love language? A lot of people seem to have no idea, which can make it difficult to show your partner or your children that you love them the way they need to be loved. It doesn’t help that we all give and receive love in different ways—what matters most to one person may not even register with another person.

Here are seven ways you can help your loved ones emotionally by understanding their own love languages, from giving gifts which you can just purchase and deliver to your friends or family members at their door you can check out https://www.feelbetterbox.com.au/ to spending quality time together so that every kind of relationship can thrive in a healthy way.

1) Understand their triggers

What sets them off? Do they get moody when they don’t have a good night’s sleep, when you ask too many questions, or when you talk about someone behind their back? It can be helpful to understand these triggers so that you can avoid them—or address their concerns in an appropriate manner.

For example, if your loved one is always short-tempered after work because she feels like she’s being held back from pursuing her dream job, offer to help her put together a professional resume and cover letter so that she has something to fall back on in case things with her current employer don’t work out.

2) Talk through their emotions

The first step in making your loved ones feel better is getting them to talk through their emotions. This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s important. According to research by psychologist and professor of Psychiatry Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., trauma can be dealt with more effectively when people are able to put their feelings into words.

If you have a friend or family member who has been going through a difficult time, consider taking some time out of your schedule just to listen and encourage them to get everything off their chest. You don’t need any special training; all you need is compassion and an open mind.

3) Meet their needs

The first step in making your loved ones emotionally better is figuring out what their needs are. To do that, you’ll need to listen more than you talk and ask questions about how they’re feeling. Once you know what’s going on inside their heads, find ways to meet those needs–or at least make them feel heard.

Start by putting yourself in their shoes and asking what would make them feel better if they were in your position. Then, take it a step further by coming up with solutions that can actually help make things better for them or give them something they’ve been asking for but haven’t gotten from you.

4) Encourage them to talk about themselves

In general, people love talking about themselves—and research suggests it’s a good thing, too. According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, engaging in self-disclosure can help strengthen social bonds and make other people like you more. So encourage your loved ones to talk about themselves by asking questions that get them talking.

This can be as simple as asking them where they grew up or what their favourite childhood memory is (or telling them yours). Asking people about how they feel can also be a way of getting other people to open up—just make sure that you’re listening intently and trying not to interrupt so they know you want them to keep going.

5) Respect their feelings and thoughts

The first thing you can do is respect their feelings and thoughts. Never tell someone how they should feel. It’s okay if you don’t agree with how they feel, but when we’re hurting, it’s important that our loved ones listen empathetically and try to see things from our perspective. This is especially true for people who have lost a job or had something bad happen in their life; we need empathy more than ever at these times.

When you show your loved one’s compassion, it will encourage them to be kinder to themselves and even make decisions that are better for their long-term happiness rather than short-term gratification. You may not be able to take away their pain, but showing them kindness just might help ease it some!

6) Stay positive

It’s sometimes difficult to admit that others around us need our help. We want people we love and care about to feel better, but sometimes it can be hard for us to know how best to support them. Perhaps we don’t know how they are feeling or what would make them feel better. Here are some ways you can show your loved ones you care about their emotional well-being.

7) Help them develop coping mechanisms

When someone you love is experiencing emotional hardship, it can be tempting to swoop in and fix things for them. But that’s not a healthy approach: they need time to develop coping mechanisms so they can handle challenges on their own.

Oftentimes, our loved ones don’t even realize how distressed they are until we bring it up or present other ways of thinking about their situation. With that in mind, ask your loved ones how they would like you to help them make themselves emotionally better – if any at all! Then try one of these strategies


If you ever have a loved one who is feeling sad, anxious, or otherwise emotionally distraught, it can be hard to know what to do. We put together these 7 tips on how you can make your loved ones feel better. First of all and most importantly you need to let them know that they aren’t alone in their feelings and that they can come to talk with you when they are having an especially hard time. Encourage them if they say things like I’m not important or I don’t matter. Always make sure your words are kind and supportive, remembering that words are very powerful and can often heal even more than physical contact.

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