7 Low THC, High CBD Weed Strains You Should Know About

by Maisie

Gone are the days when you had just a few cannabis strains available. Today, we have numerous strains and each of them possess different characteristics.

Whether you want to feel high or energized, there’s a strain for all your desired effects. Luckily, most of these strains are available in online stores. Before you buy weed online, you should check out the different weed strains offered by the supplier.

The cannabis strains we are talking about here are rich in CBD and have very low levels of THC. There are various advantages of using a CBD-rich strain. These types of strains are mainly used as medical cannabis and have various health benefits.

Before you go to a best weed in canada to get your supply, you need to understand the different strains. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the most popular weed strains that are rich in CBD.

Below are some of the common CBD-rich strains:

1. Harle-Tsu

From the name itself, you get the hint that it is a cross strain of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. This particular strain contains 20–25% CBD, and only 1% THC.

However, the CBD and THC ratio will vary depending on the season and the grower. If you are looking for a strain to treat chronic pain, this is the one for you. It is also good for treating inflammation. It makes you happy and calm. But there’s no way, you will get high from this stuff. Harle-Tsu has a subtly sweet flavour with earthy notes combined with pine and pepper.

2. Charlotte’s Web

This is another very popular cannabis strain with high amounts of CBD. It usually contains 13% CBD and very negligible levels of THC, about 1%. Just so you know this strain of cannabis was specifically bred for the Stanley Brothers who used it in the production of their Charlotte’s Web products. They produce cannabis-based health and wellness products, such as cannabis capsules, CBD oils, etc.

Charlotte’s Web has a very calming effect and is effective in managing chronic pain, seizures, and muscle spasms. It was used in Charlotte Figi’s treatment, a young girl who suffered from severe seizures. This strain is available in a wide range of flavours, which is most delicate, sweet, and citrusy.

3. Cherry Wine

This one has an interesting name. The Cherry Wine strain is mainly popular for its incredible aroma. It has a very sweet cherry-like smell with a hint of black pepper and cheese. It is the unique aroma of this strain that makes people craves it.

As far as the CDB level is concerned, it has 15-25% of CBD and only 1% of THC. However, the ratio will vary depending on various reasons. Many users who have taken cherry wine have claimed about its mood-elevating properties. This strain is considered to be effective in treating anxiety and depression. However, it can also be used by people suffering from inflammation or chronic pain. It may not permanently solve the problem, but at least it will help calm the nerves.

4. CBD Critical Mass

Many of you know CBD Critical Mass as a THC-rich strain. But if you check the percentage of both the compounds, then you will see that it contains 9% CBD and 6% THC. Yes, it has more THC content than the other strains discussed above. But the percentage is still lower than the CBD percentage.

This strain is ideal for people who are looking for a subtle buzz. It makes you feel euphoric and also has therapeutic benefits. It contains relaxing properties that help calm your mind. If you are into the pot, you should try it once.

5. Cannatonic

We agree that the name sounds dangerous, but we promise you that the strain is beneficial to your health. It contains around 10% CBD and 5% THC. With a CBD and THC ratio of 2:1, it gives you the perfect mellow high that you are looking for. It has both relaxing and mood-elevating properties.

Many of you may not know but it is considered a medical strain. It is popularly used for treating chronic pain, migraines, depression, anxiety and more. Consumption of this strain gives you a nice buzz that lasts for about 10-15 minutes. For the curious ones, it has a very sweet and earthy flavour and aroma. To some, it can also feel mildly citrusy.

6. ACDC Strain

This is the phenotype strain of Cannatonic that we just discussed. ACDC strain has very high amounts of CBD. To be precise, 14% CBD and only 1% THC. The best thing about this strain is that it has zero intoxicating effects. This makes it ideal for newbies.

People who have consumed this strain have spoken highly of it. According to them it helped alleviate anxiety, pain, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and more. It also helps clear your mind and head. That’s not all, it is also considered to be effective in reducing chemotherapy pain. If you are looking for a strain to uplift your mood or get relief from pain, you should try ACDC strain. It has a bit of earthy and citrusy notes. The best way to consume this strain is through vaping or smoking.

7. Sour Space Candy

Lastly, we have Space Sour Candy which contains 15% CBD and only 1% THC. Consuming this strain will not make you high. Instead, it will make you feel light and happy. It is very popular among young users because of its mood-elevating properties.

People who have consumed this strain before have claimed to receive great benefits from it. This strain has the potential to improve your concentration and clear your thoughts. At the same time, it has a very relaxing effect on your body. If you struggle to sleep, this strain can be beneficial for you. The cannabis selections are endless. Whether you’re thinking of buying or growing your own plants from cannabis seeds, be careful to pick the best quality products from trusted sellers.

Consuming cannabis doesn’t always have to be related to getting high. It can also have health benefits and relaxing properties. If your intention is not to get high, then you should consider opting for the strains mentioned in this post.

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