7 Easy Tricks to Advertise Your Restaurant on Social Media

by Maisie

Social media increases awareness for almost every business – including a restaurant. Therefore, when you add social media to your marketing mix, it can really help you to generate more engagement for your restaurant online. This, in turn, will mean that more customers will be visiting your place of business. For a restaurant, you need to create enough video content for marketing. If you have already created content using a video maker online, you can start editing videos too. Ensure that what you always share on social media is pure quality at all times.

Social media is the surest way to reach a large number of people at a low cost. And you need to leverage its power to ensure you get right to your audience. You can’t afford to ignore the use of social media in your daily activities as a restaurant. So, here are seven easy tricks that can make it a breeze to advertise your restaurant on social media:

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1: Create Content Using a Video Maker Online

It is important that you share all of the relevant content associated with your restaurant. And this includes videos that you create using your video maker online. In addition, you can use HD images that you have on social media. Just be sure to balance the two, as they are the main content tools.

Your most powerful weapon is the food that you have to offer. But your clients won’t know what type of food you offer unless you show them. Images and videos of mouth watering delicacies, together with a great background/surrounding, will motivate clients to come over to your restaurant.

Have you added a new restaurant décor? Well, why not flaunt it around social media? Millennials want picture and video friendly environments. Therefore, ensure that you give them this when you share content.

2: Run Contests and Campaigns

You can easily run campaigns and contests on social media these days. To lure the audience, you can organise some giveaways to a few people to encourage engagement. People love rewards for their participation. And it doesn’t even have to be something huge. A reward as simple as a voucher to come eat at your restaurant can be totally worth it.

3: Geo-targeted Ads

This is a very important aspect of marketing on social media. The organic reach of your posts on social media is very minimal. It is important that when you finally decide to use ads for your social media posts, you know how to target your audience. Specify your customer base according to the location and demography of your restaurant, so that you can maximise the results of the campaign. For instance, if your restaurant is in New York, focus the ad in New York rather than sharing it throughout the USA.

Another tip is that you can target your ads further based on gender and age of the audience. For instance, if you’re running a bar and restaurant, it would be a good idea to target people over the age of 18.

4: Blogging and Using Influencers

You need to also collaborate with bloggers to accelerate the marketing of your restaurant. Once you have created nice videos using a video maker online, you can share them with the right influencers. They will push your content to a wider audience. Depending on their influence on social media, they will charge you differently.

If at all they have the chance, you can invite them to your restaurant to review your food. While they are at it, you can snap a few photos and clips. Then merge them together using a video maker online to form a slide for your social media audience. This will motivate them to come to your restaurant, since they saw someone they follow closely at the restaurant.

5: Have a Google Plus Presence

To us, this is a must for all restaurants and businesses. It helps your restaurant appear faster on Google searches. You can equally share and promote content that you have created using a video maker online when using Google Plus.

6: Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you’re approaching a new audience on social media. Moreover, it is also important when you want to maintain your current audience. Consistency can get you what quality can’t. People want to know that you’re always there – not sometimes there. If you’re not consistent in sharing content on social media, people will start to assume that you’re not in operation anymore.

A video maker online can help you be more consistent through the production of new content regularly. Try it out today.

7: Reach Out as Much as You Can

Creating great content using a video maker online, then posting it isn’t just enough. You need to engage with your audience. Otherwise, what’s the need of sharing the content? Start with thanking those who have shared your videos. Then you can also reply to the comments on your video. Engage with your social media audience regularly.

Final Thoughts

These seven tricks to advertise your restaurant will be helpful when you’re just starting, and even in the later stages of your restaurant.

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