6 Ways to Improve your Handwriting

by Maisie

Having good writing is not absolutely necessary, but it greatly matters in making a good impression on the teachers. Teachers often get impressed by seeing the neat and clean handwriting of the students. Also, during the exams having good handwriting is necessary for the ease of the examiners. If you’re one of them who struggles to better your handwriting, then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide you with 6 ways how you can improve your handwriting.

Use a standard pen

The first thing which ensures one’s good handwriting is a quality pen. A pen’s quality certainly matters in someone’s writing, and the price or the brand doesn’t matter in this case. A local brand or a cheap pen can also bring you standard results. It might be a gel or a dot pen, and the color doesn’t matter in this case too. You just have to see and examine which type of pen you are suitable for the most and can administer better handwriting quality than the others. Stick to that particular pen type, and you’ll eventually get your handwriting better.

Have a Gentle Grip

Having a gentle grip on your pen is one of the effective ways to better your handwriting. Suppose you’re writing something from a website that can create online courses, you should make the grip smooth. A gentle grip signifies that none of your hand muscles are over-flexed, and add to that, your fingernails won’t become white after strongly squeezing the pen’s barrel. 

These things eventually make someone’s writing worse, and it significantly happens during the last minute of the exams when students are in a hurry to complete their papers. The human mind unconsciously tightens its grip on its pens which should be avoided. So, check after a few minutes at frequent intervals whether your pen’s grip is relaxed or not.

Apply Paper Rotations

If you’re experienced with paper rotations, then fine. And if you aren’t then applying experimenting with paper rotations is recommended which also helps in the betterment of the handwriting of an individual. Students are generally taught to keep their sheets in vertical positions while writing. If the same thing works for you, that’s great, but you can also apply by rotating your paper more. 

Keeping your sheet at a particular angle will help you better your writing. Most people are accustomed to the vertical position or when the paper is kept within 90 degrees. Right-handers can start with the vertical position which they usually do and can turn it to the left unless it feels uncomfortable. On the other hand, left-handers can start with the same vertical position and can turn the paper towards the left.

Use easy-to-read sentences

Using easy-to-read sentences might not seem connected to bettering the handwriting matter, but implementing them usually does in your work. The more you use easy words and sentences, the better your handwriting will be. While writing tougher words you might feel the spelling hard, which can hamper your handwriting a little bit, and then it can impact the rest of your note. Hence, using simpler words and sentences is necessary. If you’re reading something from a website that works on selling courses, then you can also find easy sentences there.

Write on a lined paper

Writing on lined paper will help you in making your handwriting smooth and straight. While writing on blank paper most of the students tend to curse their sentences. Though the handwriting may be good, the curves make the whole note worse. Writing in a straight line is necessary to keep your sentences smooth. You can do this by exercising with lined papers. Write on them frequently, and your writing won’t curve even on a blank page too, after a few days.


The last thing someone needs is practice. As the proverb says that practice makes a man perfect, and in this case too, you need the practice to make your handwriting not only better but the best. Also, there are some students who leave practicing after a few days, when their handwriting gets better. But you should continue practicing even if your handwriting gets better, to carry up with that betterness to make it best.

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