6 Small Businesses You Can start by renting a Self Storage facility

by Maisie

The largest self-storage companies in US provide you with many opportunities. They have units that are ideal to rent for individual and business purposes. Most people started using self-storage units to store extra items. 

This remains the main reason why people use self-storage in USA. However, there are many ways in which you can utilize a self-storage unit. Many people have even set up good businesses from their storage units. 

The best self-storage companies have units that are suitable for various types of small businesses. Further, it is a great place to start a new business. Therefore, we have listed 6 amazing small businesses that you can run out of storage companies in Lima Ohio

  • Reselling business

Self-storage units are the ideal place to set up a reselling business. You will have to scour different yard sales and other places to find good deals. When you find amazing items you can sell them on eBay and other sites to generate profit. 

Many storage companies in Lima Ohio help you set up this business. Moreover, you will require a storage unit that you can rent from one of the best self-storage companies. The largest self-storage companies in the US provide great deals and discounts on their storage units. 

Further, you will need this storage unit to store your inventory. Most importantly, renting a medium-sized unit from the top self-storage companies should help you run this business.

  • Content Creator

A self-storage unit is a perfect place to start your content creation journey. Creators need a space to set up their equipment and shoot their videos. Choosing one of the best self-storage companies allows you to set up your unit according to your needs. 

Moreover, you can silty shoot all kinds of videos and store your equipment at the same time. Using the top self-storage companies in US is the best way to have your personal space and create content. 

Further, you will not have anyone disturbing you and you can let out your creativity. Therefore, having self-storage in USA helps creators to improve the quality of their videos. 

  • Photo Studio

Renting a photo studio can get very expensive. You should rent units from the top self-storage companies and convert them into a studio. This will help you to save a lot of money. Most of the best self-storage companies provide differently sized units. 

You can choose a unit that will be ideal for getting photoshoots done. Moreover, the storage companies in Lima Ohio have 24/7 access which gives you a lot of flexibility. Therefore, you can do the photoshoots at any time of the day. Most importantly, you can set up your backdrops and your lighting exactly as you need them. 

  • Online Store

Running an online store from a storage unit is a great way to start a business. Renting from the top storage companies in US allows you to get affordable rents. Reducing your overhead costs helps you to run a profitable business.

Moreover, you can use the storage unit to store all of your goods. Many of the storage companies in Lima Ohio accept delivery wires as well. Therefore, you can ship your items directly to your storage unit and keep them there until they are sold. 

You should look to rent a large storage unit. This allows you to have some space to shoot photos and videos of your products. Above all, it helps to boost sales. 

  • Video Producing

Video production and editing require a lot of idle space. It is difficult to get so much of space in your house. Therefore, you can try renting a unit from the largest self-storage companies in US. 

Moreover, they have many sizes which allow you to find the perfect storage unit. Further, you can even set up your editing space in the same storage unit. All you need to do is rent a properly sized storage unit from the storage companies in Lima Ohio. 

however, the audio might be a challenge. Therefore, you might want to check the audio quality you are receiving before renting from the top self-storage companies. 

  • Gardening

A gardening business is an underrated business. It is quite a profitable business and you can generate a lot of revenue. This business requires you to have a lot of storage space to keep all this equipment. Moreover, you should choose a storage unit that is centrally located. 

This self-storage in USA helps you to reach your customers quite easily. Above all, this is a small business that will generate good revenues and not have high costs. 


All of these are amazing business ideas. You can use many of these ideas to generate good profits. However, you have to keep in mind that all storage units do not allow this. Some of the storage companies in Lima Ohio, might not allow you to carry out business. 

Therefore, you should clarify the policies of the best self-storage companies before you rent their units.  Above all, you have to put effort into your business. Working hard will help you make your business very profitable and sustainable. 

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