5 Ways to maintain your AC that can make your Air Conditioner last long

by Maisie

Air conditioners are bliss during the sultry weather of summer. There are days when it is impossible to step outside due to the sun’s scorching heat, and air conditioners come to your rescue. But it takes a lot of effort and measures to maintain the good health of your AC. You should always hire a professional technician for ac service in Bareilly for a regular check up. However, there are several ways to maintain your AC; here are the best five.

1. Put the correct default temperature

As per the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) mandate, the AC manufacturers maintained the default temperature at 24°C. Previously, the default temperature was set at 20 degrees. It is said that each degree of temperature rise can increase the value of six percent of electricity. If your air conditioner keeps running at the default temperature, you can save electricity.

2. The Outdoor Unit of your AC should be clean

Indeed, the outdoor unit air conditioner is important, just like the indoor unit. If the outdoor unit is not clean thoroughly, your AC will not function properly. It can stop the AC from being switched on. Therefore, you need to have a clean outdoor unit and vents to keep the dust away. If you feel that you need professional help, you can hire an expert for a c service in bareilly anytime you want.

3. Make sure your room is closed

The room where the air conditioner is installed should be closed properly so that the cool air does not leak outside the room. If this process continues, the AC will have to work harder to keep the air cooler. When your AC works too hard, it may get overheated and affect its longevity. In addition, you should switch off the AC when it is not working to keep it running longer.

4. Keep the filters clean

The air filters of your air conditioner will either get covered or stuffed with dust when you use them for a long time. It may lead to another malfunction of your air conditioner. Without proper cleaning, your AC may start making a louder noise and stop releasing the proper amount of air. If you want to keep your AC working perfectly, you need to clean it quarterly. Find a professional ac service near you like One Point Services to help you with routine maintenance at the most affordable rate in town. Dirty air filters can cause several health issues for both children and adults.

5. Make sure that your AC is under Regular Maintenance

Your AC may show some malfunctioning or damage signs despite all the measures you followed to take care of the same. If this happens, you have to ensure that your AC is repaired on time. This way, the air conditioner can go a long way, and every four to five months, you should follow a regular maintenance procedure for the AC.

If your AC is too old, it may generate more electricity bills, and the chances of getting damaged are also higher. It is better to replace your air conditioner with a new one in such cases.

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