5 Types of Terrarium Plants

by Maisie

All the plant lovers around the world are aware of the beautiful plant known as the Terrarium. These fascinating beings are famous for their unique design and features. For those who are not familiar with these amazing plants, let us provide you with a quick introduction, and then together, we will take a metaphorical walk through all the different types of terrariums, well actually top five types of terrariums to be exact, and then you can take your pick whenever you come across terrariums for sale.

What is Terrarium:

First of all, a Terrarium is not a species of plant but rather a plant type. It’s a technique of growing beautiful plants inside a solid glass body like a jar or a bowl. The first terrarium was invented in 1829 in London by a nutritionist named Dr, Ward. Because of their uniqueness, these plants quickly became popular, especially among the high society socialists of London, who at that time were going through a special phase known as the “fern-fever”. Yes, that was a real term that was used to describe people’s obsession with exotic Buy plants online. Coming back to terrariums, the original idea was a plant grown inside a closed-off bowl, that has its own sustainable eco-system and doesn’t require much effort from outside. However, over time, people developed different types of terrariums for their convenience and to their needs, so now that you are aware of these fascinating ferns, let’s talk about different types of terrariums that you can include in your personal space to make it cleaner, greener and prettier than ever!

Classic Tropical Closed Terrariums

The first type is the original classic terrarium, the closed one. As this bowl is completely closed off, only tropical plants that can thrive in a humid atmosphere can survive in this. This plant creates a comfortable environment for itself by creating a water cycle. Sounds great right? Well, they truly are amazing but developing a closed terrarium is a difficult process. This unignorable fact is what led to the development of our next type of terrarium.

Open Terrariums

As growing a closed terrarium was tough, plant enthusiasts around the world come up with a pretty cool solution. A terrarium that is open from the top. This terrarium looks as elegant as the closed ones and looks a little looking after. The tropical plant limitation does not imply this type of terrarium as it’s open, and you can grow almost all types of indoor plants in this. So if you wish to get a terrarium that does not cause that much hassle to you, then open terrariums are just the  thing for you.

Dish Terrariums

Also known by the name of dish gardens, dish terrariums look lovely in the middle of your room decorated on top of a table. These days, mostly nurseries decorate dish terrariums with decorative ornaments and showpieces to make them more appealing, and as we see it, they only make the said garden only more attractive, but if you wish you can get yourself a pure decor less dish terrarium, it’s all up to you!

Succulent Terrariums

If you are into indoor plants, then you must be aware of what succulent plants are, however for all the new plant lovers. Succulent plants are basically a type of indoor plant that has very thick leaves. The benefit of these leaves is that they can store tons of water in them, hence you don’t have to worry about watering the plant on regular basis. As open terrariums become popular, the next goal was to make them as low maintenance as possible to match the busy lifestyles of people these days. That is when succulent terrariums come into the picture.

Orchid Terrariums

After going through all the abovementioned types, some of you must be thinking that the terrariums lack the colorful touch of flowers, however here it is. The orchid terrariums are immensely popular among flower lovers. Unlike most flowers, orchids are tropical flowers that’s why, they can be grown inside a bowl or jar and because of their delicate leaves, they need to be kept out of direct sunlight but need a ton of indirect bright light, making them the perfect indoor terrarium flower.

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