5 Tips for Finding a Room to Rent

by Maisie

The search for accommodation is a multi-faceted process. There are many components to juggle, so avoid becoming overwhelmed by following some simple checklists and tips. Whether you are looking in a big city or a small town, there are options from viable landlords if you know where to look. Read on below for some room hunting advice.

Use the Legitimate Channels

You have to put your safety first, and it makes sense to simplify the process by using a reputable platform during your search. A single room for rent, for example, is easy to find if you use legitimate channels. There are often helpful filters that consider budget, room area, size, and occupancy factors. People in the position of needing a house share can take comfort knowing that everyone is verified and vetted, and you are joining a trusted circle.

Find a Friend

Alternatively, you could ask around your social group and see if anyone else is also looking for a rental property. Renting with someone you know as opposed to opting for a stranger house share is sometimes preferable if you feel vulnerable or anxious about the latter. When this is not an option, suggest a meet and greet with any potential sharers with a view to getting to know one another and assessing compatibility. Living with someone is not something to be taken lightly, so a little icebreaker session (or a few) beforehand can make it more comfortable for all involved.

Make an Expectations List

Decide where you need to live, what your budget is, and what you want from a property. Do you want inclusive bills in the monthly rental cost? Are you needing a certain area to be near your workplace? These are both valid considerations that many tenants find an answer to before they even start their search for a room. Knowing what you can afford and what would push you over the line of comfort is a big step and will make the difference between managing your finances and maintaining the quality of life or falling down a pit.

Scope Out Potentials

Having a list of potential properties is a good idea. The recommended number is at least five different options. That way, you can get a better clue of what’s out there, what your realistic options are, and how you want to proceed. Some properties are not up to standard and do not honour building codes or landlord regulations, and there are often renter scams flying about as well. It is a process that demands a savvy search, one guided by logic and research as opposed to jumping into whatever is available.

Decide on Compromises

What will you feel happy compromising on? If you wanted a garden, for example, would you be willing to let that go if it is offset by a fair price and an en-suite? Everyone has different preferences, and the moment of enlightenment comes when you manage expectations with logic and reality.

Finding a room to rent can be fun as well as stressful. Keep a level head, have your references ready, and don’t be afraid to ask all the necessary questions.

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