5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Hide your IP Address

by Maisie

The internet is an amazing place to learn about incredible events, share art and your life, and connect with loved ones: but it’s also very dangerous if you’re not careful.  Your IP addresses, something every item that connects to the internet has, should be carefully protected every time you get online.

These are some of the most important reasons why.

Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft can take a credit score of 820 and drag it down to 480 in no time.  Instead of letting this happen, it’s a good idea to be aware of what links you click on and what site you visit.  Part of every credit card check out is to put in your zip code; if someone has your IP address, they can research what zip code you might be in and easily locate the last bit of information they need to ruin your score.

Get Away With Streaming From Other Areas

If you’re wondering ‘what is my IP?’ you’re probably not aware of how much power this string of information has.  This address tells websites where you are in the world, which can lead to you possibly missing out on streaming services that only show specific movies, shows, and media in specific areas around the world.  Korean Netflix is entirely different from North American Netflix: so using a VPN can ensure you get the most out of every service you pay for. 

Avoid Government Censoring

Many governments censor what you can do and see online.  In areas like Russia in 2022, we saw this happen as massive websites and information were blocked from the public’s view.  Although this doesn’t stop them from existing, it can be limiting information the locals need to know to keep themselves informed.  Hiding your IP address can sometimes help you get around these blocks and allow you to get online and keep up on information that you need to know.

Get Away From People Tracking What You Do Online

There are some websites that, although they say they’re anonymous, track the IP addresses of those who visit their sites.  This can lead to them keeping tabs on which comments you made, which accounts you created, and what information you made public, despite your attempts at secrecy.  It’s a good idea to use a VPN on sites like these so you can maintain your privacy.

It Can Tell People Info You Might Want Secret

If you don’t want people to know what state you’re in or what area you’re from, it’s important to hide your IP address.  One of the most important things it tells everyone is where you are.  Although this is general and doesn’t pinpoint your street, or even city, it’s still something that gets close enough to tell people what area you call home.  

There’s Nothing As Dangerous as Poor Internet Safety

Poor internet safety can do anything from ruining your credit score to leading to people thinking you’re committing crimes that you didn’t.  It’s vital to protect your IP address and any other personal information about yourself while you’re online.

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