5 Gifts Your Guy Wants for His Special Day

by Maisie

In a relationship, most of us think that women are the only persons who should be given some presents. In addition, we have this mindset that men are mostly the givers. Ladies tend to anticipate thoughtful gifts from their special days like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and the like but sometimes, they fail to reciprocate the favor. It is because women assume that guys don’t care as much, thinking that they do not want anything since they are not mentioning the things they want.

On the other hand, we must break this kind of perception and stereotype. Thus, you have to put in mind that your special someone wants to be remembered just as much as you do. Express your love to him as it can strengthen your relationship, making both of you closer together. So, if you are thinking about the things your man might want to receive, read further on this article as I will provide you with five gifts he wants for his day.

1. Thoughtful presents for a man

These include traditional items which are the most common things they receive. It can be a watch in connection to his style. Remember that it is the most used accessory of a man. You can choose from Tissot Touch, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and many more! Do not struggle to decide what you will pick from these because any of these is astounding and luxurious. You can offer him a gift card, so you don’t have to think about what to get him. Other items could be a leather wallet, belt or jacket, shirt, pants, cologne or perfume, and a good-looking pair of shoes. Also, you can add some action figures or toy car collections to your choices, as many of them are fond of this kind of collection. Moreover, if your partner values quality things, this could be all you need to show how much you care and love him.

2. Buy Shirt

A man could receive anything he wants as a gift. There is no doubt that many women want to purchase a gift for their men on this special day. If you’re wondering what to get him for the special day or any other occasion, consider purchasing curved collar shirts. Despite its casual appearance, the outfit manages to make men look fashionable. These shirts will be more appreciated by men than anything else. Putting together a gift like this is simple; they look stylish and require little effort. Aside from being more comfortable, the design makes the wearer appear taller.

3. A birthday experience of his interest

Giving him an experience that he has been longing to have for a long time is also a good birthday gift for your boyfriend or husband. It can be watching a concert together, going to the game of his favorite sports team, a hiking and camping experience, a couple’s massage, or even chopper rides. You just have to identify and remember the things he is interested in, and it will surely make his day extra special, particularly when he’s with you. It simply proves that you reminisce about the things he tells, and that means a lot to him.

3. Something from your heart

What I mean in this part is you can create and give something you have made personally. For example, you can bake some cupcakes, cookies, or a cake if you want to. You can also write and design a handwritten letter with a sincere and genuine message, or a video presentation of his loved ones’ greetings for him.

On the other hand, men are being classified as masculine and serious types of persons but we have to think that they are also humans and they have feelings too. Hence, there is no reason that this type of present cannot be given to them. For they will love and appreciate the effort women put in just to make their day something special.

4. A replacement 

Losing something you care about can be heartbreaking. If your loved one has been bemoaning the loss of a beloved object, check if you can replace it with either his favorite book, a special piece of clothes, a piece of jewelry, or anything else. Also, even a pet that he had before (if there was one). Try to give him the same breed or type so that it will remind him of the one that got away.

Under certain instances, such as a replacement high school class ring or a first edition book, you might well be able to get an exact match. In other circumstances, including the loss of jewelry or apparel he brought back from a trip to other places, you may have to look for the closest match. In any event, he will be grateful for the extra effort and time you spend on the search.

5. Quality time

But you should also remember that gifts, whatever they are, aren’t always that pricey or extravagant. Guys, like girls, enjoy dedicated special time, so giving your boyfriend or your husband your entire weekend to himself may often feel just as meaningful as an expensive gift. Make a little love nest with lit candles, rose petals, delicious food, and his favorite music if you want to go all out.

If you want to spend time with him outside, then why not try it? Everyone, including men, enjoys a brief respite. Additionally, you might choose a location you know he will truly appreciate, such as the cottage in the woods with fantastic hiking, beach, or river dates where he used to spend a lot of time when he was a kid or a neighboring lake with fishing. Keep his interests in mind on whatever his interest is, and you’ll have a higher chance of giving him a gift he’ll appreciate.

In a Nutshell

Breaking the old mindset for this new generation isn’t bad as long as it does not affect others. Meanwhile, giving something to a man doesn’t mean you’re desperate for him, but it only shows equality and how couples should treat each other right. During special occasions in line with your man, including his birthday, you have to consider his happiness as much as you consider yours. The first present you think you can give to him is a material one encompassing watches, pieces of jewelry, apparel, or even collections. Then, you can make him experience the things he says he wants to. 

Additionally, you can give him something you have made such as food, letters, video edits, and many more. Meanwhile, you might also think of the things he misses. In this, check if you can replace them or not as these can uplift him from missing them. And of course, you can give the best gift by just having yourself because spending his day with you becomes more special than it is.

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