4 Tips for Creating Effective Social Branding Videos

by Maisie

Video marketing is leading the market and is the most effective way for businesses to engage their audience. A video format is ruling in every social media platform. Surveys have already shown more than half of people daily watch videos on social media. More than that, videos can bring more engagement than texts and images,

High quality can increase brand awareness and also bring conversion ans to influence purchasing decisions.  

Four suggestions for creating succesful social branding videos

After mentioning these benefits, it’s already clear why more and more brands are trying to connect with their social media follower through videos. But simply creating videos and sharing them on these platforms wouldn’t guarantee that they can be succeful. And to guide you during this process, we will give you four tips that will help you create effective social branding videos.

1. Consider each platform’s requirements

During choosing the best platform to communicate with your audience, you should also analyze your social media marketing and consider what kind of video content with engage more with that social media users. Youtube viewers prefer how-to tutorials and product reviews are preferable. Educational channels and vlogs are the best types to succeed on this channel. But the TikTok audience loves short video that follows recent challenges and trends. Instagram users are now obsessed with Reel that 15-30 second clips can include hashtags, and people can share and comment too.

If you have a quality video that wants to share on different platforms, you should optimize them for each social channel. Each network has a different requirement, so you should post videos considering size, shape, length, and other important factors.

2. Share short and unique videos

In the last years, short videos have been extremely popular and are on rising. Even Youtube is famous for its long video format, but now the platform has launched Youtube shorts too. And now, to succeed on all platforms, you should create short videos whether it is a real estate chatbot or other solution, and try to engage your audience.

More than focusing on creating short and unique video content, you should take viewers’ attention in the first seconds. People scan quickly to decide whether to continue to watch it or skip it. Your job is to create unique content that will interest your audience and boost social media engagement.

3. Create native videos

To build succesful branding videos, you should share native videos. To connect with your social media users best option is native content or uploaded directly to a social network. Try to avoid scenarios when you share Facebook videos using Youtube, like when people would leave Facebook to watch them. 

Remember that social media channels prioritize native videos. But if your video content is shown on the feed, you can connect to a wider audience.

You can also suggest people part-time jobs in London, you can help you create native videos.

4. Share your story

People love to hear stories instead of seeing aggressive ads on their feeds. As storytelling is a great factor, video content makes it even more powerful. You can share stories about your brand’s mission and values. Storytelling can build a personality for your brand and also create a positive image. Not only can video storytelling inspire and entertain, but it will also educate your follower and inform them about new products.   

Summing Up

Nowadays, almost all brands and businesses are trying to increase their brand image thanks to social branding videos. To get better results, you should have strategies, and for that, we have given you four tips. Create videos considering the requirements that each platform has. Use native videos to get better results. Don’t forget to create short videos and use the power of storytelling to create effective social branding videos.

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