4 Factors to remember while making marketing videos

by Maisie

Video marketing on social media can guarantee your business good brand awareness if you can do it right. If you’re a beginner, here are some factors for you to consider before you spend your valuable time creating your next video marketing campaign.

1. Videos support the sales process

Video marketing is just one lever in the digital marketing toolkit today. When planning an effective video marketing campaign, remember that results will always be better if videos are a part of a multichannel campaign. An amazing YouTube video ad that sends potential customers to an unimpressive website will not generate sales for your business. Make sure to get basic elements of your marketing right—especially your business website. For example, if you’re selling makeup, make sure your ecommerce website has clear product photos and descriptions, catchy landing page images, updated social media profiles, and customer testimonials. Video can support your sales conversions better then.

2. Good video production takes time

Creating a video is a journey of idea generation, planning, scripting, filming, and editing. Businesses that lack the experience of creating videos often underestimate the time taken to film them. One sets the expectation of filming a two-minute video in an hour or two, but the reality could be different. This is why it’s recommended to create a clear video storyboard or video shot list to make the production process smooth. You can create a video storyboard using still images, accompany them with the text or dialogue or type of background music you would like to add in. Don’t forget to match the script and visuals to suit your target audience.

3. Creative video ads perform better than traditional ads on social media

Viewers are always on their phones! Your Facebook video ad will only stand out if it has that “Wow” factor. Using boring visuals or traditional storylines may not lead to outstanding results, however, taking creative risks could make your ad to go viral. Make sure that you take risks that are suitable to your brand, products, and industry though as you want to avoid any negative PR.

4. Video editing can make or break your campaign

To make your ad look like what you imagined, you need to put in the effort at the video editing phase. The best part is good video editing can be achieved without big budget freelancers. Even if you’re not creative, you can do it yourself with a free online video editor that have predesigned eye-catching video templates. An engaging video will generate brand awareness and have a higher clickthrough rate compared to a boring video.

Good luck with your video marketing!

Now you know some factors to consider while planning your video marketing efforts as a beginner. Don’t forget to optimize your video in the right aspect ratio for the digital platform you’re publishing for. Remember that creative videos always deliver better results than traditional videos and that you don’t need to hire multiple freelancers for outstanding video editing results.

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