3 Ways to Refresh Your Home with Clean Air

by Maisie

There is no substitute for clean air and it can not only affect your health but can even influence your behavior. The air we breathe isn’t always clean or healthy, even though we have no say in it. You will find that when the air quality in your home is bad, you may avoid going home or spruce it up with air fresheners. While an air freshener will help eliminate any unwanted smells, it doesn’t make the quality of the air better. You will still be inhaling toxins, particles, and many other harmful substances. In the end, you may find yourself dealing with allergies, illness, and many other health challenges.

You can improve the quality of the air in your home with a few changes and upgrades. You will have access to cleaner air and better health and in most cases, it won’t cost much. It’s better to pay for the upgrades than deal with the resulting medical bills later on. Some of the ways you can refresh your home with clean air include:

Revamp temperature control

Temperature control systems are a great addition to any home and they mostly serve to maintain temperature levels. As a bonus, temperature systems also serve to eliminate toxins from the home, sucking them out and leaving nothing but clean air.  HVAC equipment is the most common temperature control system used in homes and they are very effective. However, just like with most machines, HVAC equipment is subject to wear and tear with time.

At some point, they will prove to be ineffective and do little to improve air quality. Once this happens, then it is time to make some changes in the home and replace your current HVAC equipment with a new one or call an HVAC repair Phoenix professional. There are some cases where simple repairs may prove to be effective, but this is rare and not advised. As long as you can afford it, opt for a new HVAC system and improve the quality of the air in your home. Luckily, HVAC equipment tends to last for a while, so once you make the change, the new one should last for quite a while.

Add plants

Plants are a great addition to any home regardless of whether they are natural or not. When it comes to improving air quality though, natural plants are the way to go. Plants will remove carbon dioxide from the and replace it with oxygen which we need. What most people don’t know however is that plants can also eliminate toxins from the air. By absorbing toxins from the air, you get cleaner and healthier air which is the goal. As an additional perk, plants also add fragrance to your home. If you have any unpleasant odors in your home, plants can help manage them, replacing them with their natural scent. However, you have to dedicate some time to those plants since they won’t grow on their own. Ensure that you use the right soil, the right amount of water, and the specific type of grow light that matches the plants to keep them flourishing.

You, therefore, have the added option of being able to choose which plants you want in your home, ergo, the scent you would like to perceive. They are easy to maintain, depending on the species you obtain and the only thing you will have to worry about in most cases is watering them and sitting them somewhere with access to sunlight.

Open your windows frequently

If you don’t want to spend money on improving the quality of the air in your home, then opening the windows is your best bet. Keeping the windows closed will allow stale air to accumulate and the place becomes stuffy. Opening the windows will allow the stale air out and let fresh air in. Opening multiple windows improve the effect, allowing for cross ventilation and improving the effect of open windows. The only downside to opening your windows is that you will likely let in dist and other particles. You can however avoid this by investing in an air purifier. It costs money as well, but not as much as you would spend on other methods for refreshing the air in your home. Once this happens, then it is time to make some changes in the home and replace your current HVAC equipment with a new one or call an HVAC repair Phoenix professional.


It may cost you, but there is no substitute for good health, and as such, the cost is worth it. By making a few additions or changes to your home, you get cleaner air, a refreshed home, and improved health.

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