11 Brand Merch Ideas Proven to Boost Sales

by Maisie

As sales for physical copies of music decrease steadily, bands have to turn to other ways to generate revenue.

Merch for bands is a great way to promote your music while connecting with your fans, and make money doing it. It’s often one of the only sources of revenue that goes directly into the band’s pocket.

There are a plethora of merch types out there that give fans a piece of the live experience to take home, but which are proven to have the highest sales?

1. T-Shirts

Some people make it their life’s mission to collect as many band t-shirts as possible. Whether they actually wear them or put them on display is a personal preference.

Band t-shirts are the number one type of merch out there and one you are pretty much guaranteed to see at every live show you attend.

The concert tee is a way for fans to show they were present at the show and to showcase their favorite artist wherever they go as they wear it.

It’s a chance for a band to express themselves stylistically, and also put a list of concert dates on the back to help preserve that era of their career for themselves and fans. 

2. Stickers

They’re easy to transport once they’re bought and they can be stuck on a number of things, providing free advertising wherever they’re seen. 

Like T-shirts, stickers are huge with people who collect memorabilia. They put them on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and serve as constant reminders of their loyalty to their favorite artist.

3. Patches

The next step up from a sticker, these more durable designs have never gone out of style among music fans and are often seen affixed to jackets in copious amounts at shows.

4. Guitar Picks

They’re fun to toss into a crowd, but it’s even better when you give all your fans an opportunity to own a piece of the band by having them for sale at your merch booth.

5. Key chains

These are great because the design options are plentiful. You can make long-lasting metal keychains or softer rubber ones. They can be bottle openers or plain designs, big or small.

6. Pins

Running in the same vein as stickers and patches, pins are another small, collectible way to support your favorite musical act.

7. Tote bags

Not only can you display incredible designs on them, they’re functional and last a long time.

8. Limited edition vinyl

Vinyl is one of the most saleable tangible ways to give fans your music. Record sales have shown a big increase in recent years.

This is the type of merch that comes at a higher price point, but on that collectors deem worth paying.

9. Posters

These are another classic type of band merch. You can create posters with tour dates, album art, or a collage of behind-the-scenes photos.

10. Drink koozies

These are another functional product that are easily transportable and keep your beer cold.

11. Hats

Beanies or ball caps, head coverings are up there with t-shirts when it comes to wearable merch.

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